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Membership Applications

Supporting Membership Application

Who should hold membership?

President, CEO, Manager, or Sales/Marketing Managers.

The NHCA offers 3 levels of support for our Vendors. Please review and select the level that best meets your organizations needs. The costs associated with the Platinum and Gold levels include the registration fee for our Spring Conference. Only the Platinum fee covers participation for one representative at the Fall Conference.

Membership Levels

Participation Fees/Conference Benefits
  Platinum Gold Basic
Membership Included Included $2,000.00 ea.
Membership List Included Included Included
Spring Conf. Regist. Included (2) Included (1) Included (1)
Fall Conf. Regist. Included (1) Not Available Not Available
Website and Electronic Communication Benefits
  Platinum Gold Basic
Communication via E-mail
Updates Included Included $300 ea.
Website Services
Vendor Highlights Included Included $300
Links To Your Site Included Included $200
Semiannual Newsletter Ad Space
  Platinum Gold Basic
Collection Clips
(Newsletter Published in March and September)
Subscription Included Included $300 ea.
Full Page Included   $1,000
Half Page   Included $750
Quarter Page     $500

Complete the form below, and mail appropriate membership dues to:

NHCA, Membership
P.O. Box 12143
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Make checks payable to: NHCA

If you have questions while completing the form, or about supporting membership, please call (615) 238-5851, or e-mail dennis_bennett@chs.net.